Lakeside Mall

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Address: 14000 Lakeside Circle, Sterling Heights, MI, 48313

Stores: 165
10:00 - 21:00 ( Mon - Sat )  12:00 - 18:00 ( Sun )  
Phone: 586-247-4131

Lakeside Mall is a large shopping mall located in the city of Sterling Heights, Michigan, a northeastern suburb of Detroit, Michigan, United States. The mall is located on M-59 (Hall Road) between Hayes and Schoennherr Roads.

Lakeside Mall features five anchor stores: J.C. Penney, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, Macy's Men's & Home Store, and Sears; additional junior anchors include Steve & Barry's University Sportswear, as well as the fist H&M in the state of Michigan. The mall also features more than 150 stores on two levels, as well as a food court. General Growth Properties owns and manages the mall.

The architecture is comprised of the the same unique concept found in other 1970's Taubman malls such as the Twelve Oaks Mall and the Fairlane Town Center. The mall's interior has never been significantly updated since the mall's 1976 opening. The interior decor consists of wood railings, tinted escalator glass, hexagon-shaped skylights with a pair of large lights hanging from them, a lighted "octa-lift" elevator, terrazzo flooring, large seating areas with pyramid shaped lights, and large sculptures found in the anchor courts.


Lakeside Mall started as a joint-venture between A. Alfred Taubman, and the Dutch investment company Rodamco. It was built and opened in 1976. In the last decade, Rodamco sold the mall to the Rouse Company, which was subsequently acquired by General Growth Properties.

* 1976: Lakeside Mall openes with four anchor stores: Hudson's, Lord & Taylor, Sears, and J.C. Penney. The mall also features a movie theater and ice rink, the latter of which was eventually replaced with a water slide.

* 1981: Crowley's openes as the mall's fifth anchor.

* early 1990's: The mall's waterslide is replaced by Tilt!, a video arcade.

* 1997: Crowley's closes and becomes Hudson's Men's & Home Store. Also, the mall's theaters close and are converted to f. y. e..

* 1998: Tilt! closes and is demolished for a food court called Lifestyles Café. This new food court features a large double-decker carousel.

* 2001: Hudson's stores are re-named Marshall Field's as part of a nameplate consolidation by parent Target Corp.

* June 2, 2006: H&M opens a large store in most of the space formerly occupied by f.y.e.; as a result, f.y.e. moves across the hallway to a much smaller store.

* September 9, 2006: Marshall Field's stores are converted to Macy's as Federated Department Stores (owner of Macy's, now known as Macy's, Inc.) acquires the May Company (former owners of Marshall Field's).

* 2007: Plans are announced for a $3 million renovation of the mall and its periphery. Renovations will include new signage and improved pedestrian access to the mall.
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    Lakeside Mall is open for mall walkers at the following times: Mon - Sat: 8:00 am # Sunday: 9:00 am. One lap around the upper level is 1 mile including the Food Court, the lower level is 3/4 mile. Please enter through one of our four main mall entrances.

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