Meridian Mall

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Address: 1982 W. GRAND RIVER AVENUE, Okemos, MI, 48864

Stores: 131
10:00 - 21:00 ( Mon - Sat )  12:00 - 18:00 ( Sun )  
Phone: 517-349-2031

Meridian Mall is an enclosed shopping mall located in Meridian Township (Okemos) a suburb of Lansing, Michigan, United States. The mall's anchor stores include Dick's Sporting Goods, JCPenney, Macy's and Younkers; in addition, the mall features a food court and over 130 stores. Meridian Mall is managed by CBL & Associates Properties.


* 1969: Meridian Mall opens to the pubic. Anchor stores at the time include Woolco, a discount department store, and local chain Knapp's. Meridian Mall also featured a four-screen movie theater and a supermarket at the time.

* 1975: An ice rink is added into the mall. Also, Samuels purchases the mall from the J.W. Knapp Co.

* 1977: A second set of theatres, known as the Meridian 4 East, opens in the former supermarket space. The older theater complex in the mall is re-named Meridian 4 West.

* 1980: Knapp's closes all stores. The Meridian Mall and Lansing Mall stores are both converted to JCPenney, while Knapp's downtown store is shuttered.

* 1982: A new wing is added to the middle of the mall, nearly doubling the size of the mall and adding Hudson's as an anchor store.

* 1983: Woolco closes all U.S. operations. The former Woolco at Meridian Mall is gutted; most of the space becomes Service Merchandise, while the rest is converted to the mall's first food court.

* 1988: The mall's ice rink is demolished for an MC Sports.

* 1989: A northern wing is added to the mall, adding one of Michigan's first Mervyns stores.

* late-1990s?: Meridian 4 East Theaters close.

* August 27, 1998: CBL & Associates Properties acquires Meridian Mall from Samuels & Associates.

* 1999: Service Merchandise declares bankruptcy, closing all stores.

* 2000: The former Service Merchandise is demolished and replaced with a two-story Jacobson's department store, replacing a store in nearby East Lansing.

* March, 2001: Bed Bath & Beyond is added to the Jacobson's wing. Also, MC Sports closes.

* 2001-2002: Another new wing is added to the mall, angling off the center court and displacing the former MC Sports location. The new wing features Galyan's, as well as a new food court. The old food court is replaced with Schuler Books & Music. Also, the Hudson's is renamed Marshall Field's by parent Target Corp.

* August 2002: Jacobson's declares bankruptcy and closes all stores.

* 2003: Younkers opens in the former Jacobson's store. Due to space limitations in the old Jacobson's space, Younkers operates its men's and children's departments in a separate storefront adjacent to the former Jacobson's; as a result, the mall's offices are re-located.

* late 2003: The mall's original theater complex, Meridian 4 West, closes and is converted to retail space.

* 2004: Dick's Sporting Goods acquires and re-names the Galyan's stores.

* Spring 2006: Mervyns closes all Michigan operations.

* September 9, 2006: All Marshall Field's stores are converted to Macy's.

* Late 2007: Younkers announces that it will add a second store in the former Mervyns space; the second store will comprise the men's, children's and home goods departments, while the women's departments will be retained at the existing Younkers.
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