Mall at Johnson City, The

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Address: 2011 North Roan Street, Johnson City, TN, 37601

Stores: 90
10:00 - 21:00 ( Mon - Sat )  12:00 - 18:00 ( Sun )  
Phone: 423-282-5312

The Mall at Johnson City is an enclosed shopping mall in Johnson City, Tennessee, United States. The mall features over 70 stores and a food court. It is managed by Glimcher Realty Trust.


Construction began on the mall in the very early 1970s. When completed this one story mall was the second in the Tri Cities. The mall had two major anchors, a grocery store, drug store, a McCrory five and dime, and a movie theater. Several local stores to the Tri Cities area were also featured. The mall originally had the name "Miracle Mall Shopping Center".

Original 1970s anchors

* Sears, Roebuck and Company (original anchor)

* Britt's Department Stores (two-story store)

* Kroger (outside entrance)

* SupeRx Drugs

During the early part of the 1980s the mall underwent a rather large expansion. There was a new addition built at the Sears end of the mall. This new upper level was almost as big as the original mall. Featuring a JC Penney that had been downtown up till the 80's and a rather small Miller's Department Store this gave the mall much needed square footage. An addition was added to the lower level giving it access to the new upper level with escalators and an elevator. This was also the time that the mall saw an original anchor depart, but a new anchor take its place from downtown. Parks-Belk left its downtown store at Fountain Square and moved into the former Britt's Department Stores. Kroger had also pulled out and moved into its own store across the street. Piccadilly moved into part of the old Kroger Space.

1980s anchors

* Parks-Belk (former Britt's location)

* Sears, Roebuck and Company (original anchor)

* JC Penney

* Miller's Department Store

* SupeRx Drugs

As the region continued to grow, so did the mall. The Miller's Department Store was converted to Hess's before being closed when Hess went bankrupt. The Mall received its first renovation since it opened. This included building a new anchor behind the mall. Built behind the mall in the space of the former parking lot and theater became a Proffitt's. This store opened in 1992 as the now vacant Hess store became the Proffitt's Home store for a short time. Parks-Belk was bought out in late 90s with their store becoming Proffitt's Men's, Kid, and Home. This led to the home store on the other end of the mall closing. After that moved, the store was renovated into a Goody's Family Clothing. The mall was purchased by its current owner in 1996 when Glimcher Reality purchased the Mall for $44 million.

2006 saw the Proffitt's store converted back to a Belk. This completed the return of Belk to the Tri Cities. Belk moved back into its old store as well as the Proffitt's Women's store.

Recently, it has been announced that a major addition/expansion is being undertaken. Several stores including American Eagle Outfitters and Game Stop have been relocated from the lower level as the old Kroger & Piccadilly Cafeterias anchor space and SupeRx store was demolished to make way for a Dick's Sporting Goods. The interior of the mall will be receiving a makeover as well during this construction time. There is also an addition to the JC Penney store doubling the space. After Dick's was finished, American Eagle Outfitters stayed in their new location and Game Stop moved into their new store near its original location. Goody's also announced that they would not renew their lease, and they closed in late Janurary 2008. In February 2008, Bath and Body Works, White Barn Candle Co., and Fanatics 101 moved into other places in the mall to make room for a new Victoria's Secret which will take over all of the recently moved stores. Bath and Body Works and the White Barn Candle Co. will take Victoria's Secret's spot. Also JC Penney announced their new addition will open in June 2008.


* JC Penney (Original upper level anchor)

* Goody's Family Clothing (Former Miller's, Hess's, Proffitt's) Closed January 20, 2008

* Sears (Original Lower Level Anchor)

* Belk for Women (Original Proffitt's)

* Belk for Men, Kids, & Home (Original Britt's, then Parks-Belk, then Proffitt's Men & Home)

* Dick's Sporting Goods (Original location of Kroger, SupeRx, and Piccadilly)


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