Danbury Fair Mall

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Address: 7 Backus Avenue, Danbury, CT, 06810

Stores: 160
10:00 - 21:30 ( Mon - Sat )  11:00 - 19:00 ( Sun )  
Phone: 203-743-3247

The Danbury Fair Mall is the largest shopping mall in the U.S. state of Connecticut and is one of the largest malls in New England. It is located off of Interstate 84 and U.S. Route 7 in the city of Danbury opposite the Danbury Municipal Airport.


The Danbury Fair Mall was built by the Wilmorite Corporation. The mall was first opened on October 28, 1986 starting with two anchors, Sears and G. Fox (which became Filene's in 1993) (which is now closed). Followed by Macy's in October 1987, and JC Penney in March 1988. In 1991, Lord & Taylor and a parking garage were added. Since the mall first opened, it was owned by its original builders, the Wilmorite Corporation, up until 2005 when the mall was acquired by The Macerich Company.

The carousel in the food court, echoing the fairground site the mall was built on.

There are approximately 200 retailers and eateries in the two level mall, including the major department stores Macy's, Sears, Lord & Taylor and JC Penney. Filene's was in the mall until the 2006 Macy's merger. The store was 168,879 sq ft (15,689 m²). on two levels. The mall is especially popular with kids, partly due to the double decker carousel in the food court as well as many youth oriented events and activities the mall sponsors on a regular basis (such as "Family Fun Night"). Many of these events take place in the mall's center on the lower floor. This space changes throughout the year. The mall is often decorated during the holidays. For special events such as song and dance performances, the central area can be converted into a stage area. When this center area is not being used for other purposes, it is filled with water and features one large and several smaller fountains.

As of January 2007, the Danbury Fair Mall has begun the process of an interior renovation, which is expected to be completed in spring 2008. The mall will receive new lighting fixtures which will replace the original globe bulb lighting, new stone style floors which will replace the original tan, brown, and green tile floors, soft seating areas through-out the mall, new stained wood accents, and new paint. The two areas that will receive the most changes are the food court and the center court. A newly renovated food court will feature a slightly curved panoramic view of the restaurant choices, which will downscale the amount of restaurants from 16 to only 11. New Banquet seating will be featured in the food court. The center court will include the removal of the large scale fountains (which also use to be served as the event area), and will be replaced with a coffee bar, soft seating with tables, and a down-scaled water feature to reduce the noise level.


* H&M

* JCPenney (137,000 sq ft (12,700 m²)) opened in 1988

* Lord & Taylor (80,000 sq ft (7,000 m²)) opened in 1991

* Macy*s (240,000 sq ft (22,000 m²)) opened in 1987

* Old Navy

* Sears (178,000 sq ft (16,500 m²))opened in 1986

* Filene's (168,879 sq ft (15,689 m²)) Vacant opened in 1986


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